Escape From Tarkov – GDC 2017

While at GDC 2017, we will introduce a new game mechanic/faction for the highly anticipated MMO/FPS. Previously seen only in videos, Battlestate will be showcasing gameplay based on a special faction within the game called the Scavs.

Scavs are marauders who remained in the city of Tarkov after the government lockdown in order to seize property left behind by citizens, while also fighting any forces attempting to restore law and order in the city. The Scavs will be a playable faction and will cause plenty of trouble for those playing as Operatives of the two Escape from Tarkov PMC factions (USEC and BEAR).

Soon, players will be able to enter Escape from Tarkov raids as the renegade Scavs – and upon doing so,  they will be assigned a random player name, equipment, and weapons. The Scavs can group up in packs of up to four players. If a Scav player survives the raid, they will be able to move collected loot into the stash of their main character. The opportunity to play as Scav will be limited in frequency, so it’s best to jump into the Scav role while you can!

“Playing as a Scav is like playing the game without rules, one where the players can experience quite different gameplay with a focus on reckless abandon,” commented Nikita Buyanov, COO of Battlestate Games and Project Lead, Escape From Tarkov. “The Scav player is spawned together with AI Scavs. Scav tactics change up the overall style of raid gameplay, and in most cases, complicating the lives of BEAR and USEC players, while also fighting amongst themselves.”

After GDC 2017, Scav gameplay will be added to the upcoming closed beta version.

– Scavs enter the game with a random player name, equipment, and weapons. If they survive the raid they can move the loot they acquired in the raid to their main character.
– Scavs can group up, with up to four people in a group.
– Are only available once an hour, or by paying in-game currency.
– Are in opposition of the BEAR and USEC PMC’s but can also fight within their own faction (Scavs appear as AI to other human players.)
– After GDC 2017, Scav gameplay will be added to the upcoming closed beta version.

What’s the point? You no longer have to go into a match with bare fists or risk your best gear. You can go in with a generic character and generic weapons, and anything you loot in that raid becomes yours to keep. If you end up with nothing, there’s no loss – none of your main character’s items are forfeited.



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