A Non-Update Update

Although I had no money to purchase it, I’m let down by my sudden disinterest in Mass Affect Andromeda. Their “marketing” has been amazing. They’ve had weekly releases of new features that weren’t in their old titles to get people excited; combat, character customization, exploration. But the more I see people actually play the game, the less excited I become. What I find interesting is my list of “Things I Dislike” is not growing, but the list of “Things I Like” is suddenly empty – like a sudden sense of apathy. 

Also, I have 10 posts in my drafts and a desire to finish 0 of them, so that’s always a great sign.
Two posts will definitely make it to the blog Tuesday – Wednesday of next week:
– On My Radar Week 2
– Welcome to the Battlegrounds.

Hope you guys are doing okay, feel free to comment below or use my contact form, I’ll message you back within the hour.



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