Resuscitation Notice

Up this week:

  • “The ‘Next Level’ of Content Creation (CC)” (Feature)
    • How the evolution of CC and the birth of new platforms is changing how creators think of what they create and how they’re compensated for it.
  • “Should We Consider AAA Titles as Longer-Term Investments?”(Feature)
    • Considering that playing 100% of what a game has to offer might cost ~$90 including DLC or season passes, should we be setting aside $100 per game instead of $60? Should we start looking at them as shorter term MMO’s?

I’m also interested in covering Monster Hunter World in the future. If it launches on PC I can only do so much, but I’m more excited for it than expected so – it might be one of the few times I actually cover a game on the site, we’ll see.

I’m also now on Steemit, so feel free to follow me there, I’ll be posting everything that I think warrants interaction (discussion-sparking posts, things I want feedback on,) and all blog-type post that I think are too impersonal for this website.


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