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Site’s New Objective(s)

In March I authored a post about the new objectives for the site but once I realized it was a rambling mess, decided to make it private. Now, whether or not I’ll turn my pieces into YouTube videos is a decision I have yet to make but what I am doing is recommitting myself to the points I made in that March 2x post. 

The items in my draft should give an idea to the kind of posts I’ll be focusing on:

  • Dark Souls and PUBG: The Birth of New Genres (Feature)
  • The “Next Level” of Content Creation (Feature)
  • Why Shroud Shouldn’t Be Your I-Could-Do-That Example (Editorial-ish Feature)
  • Should We Consider AAA Titles Longer-Term Investments? (Feature)

I’ll be posting developer updates of Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, and covering The Darwin Project (links to be added later.)

I just wanted to let any new visitors know, past posts are not indicative of future coverage. 


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