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Site (Life) Update

Two weeks ago I had two features in my drafts, and after spending 9 days in the hospital, in my drafts, they still sit.

I’d say I’ll have them posted this week, but I’m also now a week and a half behind my school work so, they’ll be done as soon as I meet with my teachers and see what I’ve missed out on.

  • Feature: Why Studios Are “No Longer” Entitled To Our Money
  • Feature: Microtransactions Should Usher In the End of Preorders

The problem I’m having is I’m unsure whether they should be two standalone pieces, or if I should write them as one.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s doing well, and that you all have a great week.

Edit: 0046 EST. After getting into the first piece, I realized they’ll work better separately; so, I’m going to have two shorter length features. 

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