Write PR: Mark Darrah, Bioware

Mark Darrah: MAE

Brand interaction has been shown not only to increase market share; consumer-brand interaction has been proven to increase brand loyalty, and when done right leads to an increase in mindshare (when someone is going shopping for shoes, Nike always comes to mind.)

But the video game industry, one of the most interactive industries there are, generally have a level of engagement that indicates the devs don’t use the internet.

With creators now within reach of their audience they are bound to get questions, and the act of hiding behind a firewall won’t last – and continues to be a huge detriment to our industry.

I just wanted to post this as a shining example of the transparency that would help our growth. I’m sure developers have a reason for not sharing things, movie watchers don’t get to interrupt directors during their process – but we just visit those worlds, we don’t live in them – and I think Mark Darrah, Executive Producer of Anthem, is taking the right steps.

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