Hopefully: The Beginning of the Next Chapter

This is not me quitting, this is me moving on.

Though I doubt not many sane people would choose journalism as a “stable” profession, that’s what I did. I knew what I wanted, but thought it so far-fetched that I ignored it. For years.

I had my first idea for a TV show in 7th grade. The entire series existed in my mind, completely,  for over a decade. But whenever I got close to it I found something else to do. Computer science; major in PR – no, video games. Video games PR. But that’s difficult to get into, so I’ll write first, I’ll cover video games in a thought-provoking way, to show studios that I know how to cover games. And THEN when I graduate I’ll start doing PR for them. The entire time cognizant of the fact that all I wanted to do was write.

I’m getting to the point that ignoring what I’ve always wanted is no longer feasible, and I’m no longer willing to do it.

jonathanbrosh.me will be live soon, though it may be empty for a while. When it’s live I’ll simply be using it as a site to post spec scripts, which is a script you write for a show currently on air. A script that, if written well, could be shot and slipped into the season – with no one being able to tell it wasn’t written by the actual writers.



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