Blog / Life Update

Not dead. I was given the opportunity to do PR and strategy for an awesome indie game, so I’ve had to re-arrange some things. I’m currently working on our Square Enix Collective application, that’s due on the 18th. So I *may* be more active after that.

In the meantime, I have two things active in the drafts:

  • Nexon’s claim that PUBG is to blame for Lawbreaker’s poor performance – I’m going to try to keep as much opinion out of that as possible (which I can tell you right now, will not be easy.)
  • Something, I hope will spark a discussion, about how microtransactions should briing an end to pre-orders. I first need to research what publishers used pre-orders for in the first place, because that’s something I’ve never figured out. But the argument will basically be along the lines of “If you can make ~3 billion a year in MTX, who needs a projection of how many copies you’ll sell?”