My Mission 

This space is a draft and will change and evolve throughout the development of this site. Until it matures and my mission becomes clear here are my goals:

What I’m Doing Now:
– Transcribing developer talks and interviews for Escape from Tarkov, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Dauntless.
– Providing a bi-weekly introduction of new indie games.
– Writing features about the intersection between public relations / marketing and video game [development.]

What I’m Working Towards:
– Aid small studios in preparation for Kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns.
– Presenting and helping small studios to implement PR strategies, from before their Kickstarter campaign to full release.
– Help small studios and independent video game developers find and connect with appropriate audiences for their games.
– …
– My ultimate goal: Become the Director of Public Relations at your local AAA video-game studio.

“Never selling a game, always selling a story.”