Affair in Agora

Every time my ‘PlayStation On” chime sings it should be accompanied by Paragon theme music. As someone with the shortest attention span in recorded history – whose only completed game is Pokemon –  the fact that I’ve put 7 days and 13 hours into this game is miraculous. 181 hours spent playing a video game can be looked upon with confidence and shame. As I writer I wish I could say I’ve spent 181 hours writing, but I am almost 90% sure I’ve come nowhere near close that number. But when I sit and think “I should have been doing something productive.” what does that mean? When a video game offers you reprieve from everyday life and makes you happy, what better thing could you currently be doing? Yes, writing for all that time would probably have helped with advancing my career, but in that time, what I needed was a distraction, and Paragon provided that.

Paragon is my first MOBA, so talking to me about the real merits and it’s improvements over things like Smite and LOL, and how it’s competent in some places but severely lacking in others – are things I just don’t notice. I have no idea how good this game is because I have no idea what the barometer is. I don’t know how someone calculates that certain kits aren’t balanced or that certain characters need a buff or a nerf, all I know is that I don’t need experience to know I’m thoroughly enjoying this game.

Like a 7-year-old watching Minecraft videos in anticipation of their parents buying them the game for Christmas, I devoured this game – but once I already had it. When I was hype and ready to kill, I played Paragon myself; when I was passive and wanted to relax I watched the top streamers and tried to learn from them. I consumed this game more than I’ve assumed any other, aside from World of Warcraft, but I would never have been satisfied sitting and just learning others play WOW as I am diligently studying and learning this game.

I might not know if this is a good MOBA, but I know this is an amazing video game. And I will continue to post about it until my passion fades.

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