From Legacy to Monolith

In a few hours the game I’ve come to love and adore, that I’ve spent days of my life in and the jungle that I could Sherpa a class of blind children through, will be changed forever. Slashed and burned to the ground in order to grow anew, the creators of Paragon over at Epic Games have, in the true spirit of a beta, decided they have learned many a thing in the past few months, culminating in the creation of a new map.

“Travel mode,” the ability to traverse the map quicker after being out of combat for a certain amount of timed was ‘game breaking’ and made the game ‘nearly impossible to imbalance.’ Said by the Devs on numerous streams. But Legacy, the land I came to love, was too big to traverse without a motorcycle, or our beloved travel mode – so they were forced to gut it.

In the spirit of change, they reworked all of the heroes from what seems like the ground up: changing damage points, abilities (along with the cards that power them) movement speed – removing travel mode altogether – and giving us a fetus of a map called Monolith. I am voicing my salt not because I don’t trust Epic Games, but ’cause change is hard. But… I fell in love with a baby (the game is currently in beta). Going into it I knew that this child was not fully grown and I might not like the adult it became. But I put in time, effort, and lots of money to watch it grow. I’ve stuck it out this long, and even if it’s due to sunk costs I’m not going to kick ’em out before they become a teenager. I will wait until the tantrums arrive, the doors are slammed in my face, and I am driven crazy by this new perversion inhabiting the one I used to love before I decide I’m done with it. (You cannot legally abandon fully grown children at fire stations or hospitals, though.)

So, I will hold my judgment until I see how it goes. And like the people that didn’t vote for Trump and are scared out of their minds – we are going to have to trust the people that have now taken control. We have to sit back, relax, and wish them the best; because to wish damnation to the people driving your plane, well…that’s just stupid.

With Added Salt In His Tears,
Slightly Judgy Gamer


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